Online Casino Top list 2019

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All gambling sites have been extensively tested by us and have high cash bonuses waiting for you. In our test we pay attention to the chance of winning, the bonuses, games like live roulette or slots and the quick payout of your winnings. Want to gamble directly in the best online casinos?

Best online casinos 2019!

One casino is not the other. Casinos that we place on this list only offer fair games, handle your privacy with care and pay quickly. Yet there are plenty of other positive differences. For example, one online casino offers sports betting, you can play poker with another, and you have to be in another casino for the largest selection of live roulette games. For each his own!

Choose the best casino

What do you pay attention to when choosing an online casino? When you decide to gamble online, you will be overwhelmed by a huge offer. Almost every casino comes with attractive bonus offers. But should you be guided by the amount of the bonus? And how do you know if you are dealing with a reliable party? In this guide you can read how to recognize a reliable casino, what you can expect from welcome bonuses and how to prevent 10 common mistakes.


You have probably wondered how honest online casinos are, because how do you as a player check whether a foreign online casino can be trusted? To be able to estimate the reliability of a casino, you look at, among other things, the license (s). Online casinos with a license within the EU, for example in Malta or in the United Kingdom, offer a good guarantee of correct payouts, fair business and reliable games.

These European countries, for example, check whether the jackpot can actually fall and whether winners are paid fairly. The owner of the casino is also being scrutinized, so someone with a criminal record in these countries will never be able to run an online casino. This check continues up to the game level, so it is also checked whether the roulette wheel offers you fair chances of winning.

As a player you can assume that casinos with a license in Malta or the United Kingdom have been screened from head to toe and offer fair games. Malta and England themselves also have an interest in fair game play. The licenses remain valuable and also make the country interesting for other casinos. The more casinos, the more tax revenue. Unreliable internet casinos often settle in Antigua or Costa Rica, we obviously do not recommend these casinos. All online casinos in our list are guaranteed to be safe, fair and reliable.


€100, €500 or even €1600 in bonus money, one casino makes it even crazier than the other. You may have wondered: is this real money? And why do they give it away so easily? The answer to that first question is yes, but unfortunately it is not easy to give away. There are usually all kinds of conditions to a bonus, so the bonus amount must be wagered a certain number of times and you cannot clear the bonus with every game.

To make things even more complicated, every casino has different conditions. Our advice: take the bonus with a pinch of salt, so it can only be better than expected. You visited the casino for your relaxation, irritation is the last thing you were looking for.

Casinos offer the bonuses to entice players to make a deposit. Of course, casino A cannot be left behind if casino B and C both offer a bonus. It can be rewarding for you as a player to change casino from time to time and thus benefit from multiple bonuses. When selecting a casino, pay less attention to the bonus amount and more favorable conditions, so you increase your chances of successfully unlocking the bonus money.

The most common bonus is the "first deposit bonus", which increases the amount deposited by a certain percentage. This is often 100% and has a certain maximum (for example up to €100).

Another form of bonus that you regularly come across is the "free spins" bonus: gamble a certain number of times for free on a selected slot machine. The spins do not cost you anything, but if you win you will receive real money. In some casinos you just have to create an account to receive such a bonus, while other casinos only offer the bonus after you have deposited money.

You can come across an "additional deposit bonus" (reload bonus) from your second deposit. Even when you receive a certain percentage extra with your second, third or fourth deposit, you also speak of a reload bonus. The loyalty bonus (loyalty bonus) also rewards you with real money. The more you gamble with real money games, the more bonus money you receive. We also count special bonuses that you are offered as a VIP player under the name loyalty bonus.

The "refer a friend" bonus is very clear: you get a fixed amount when you refer someone to the casino. If your friend then makes a deposit and starts playing for real money, you will receive your bonus. Often these amounts are between €25 and €75 per friend.


Huge jackpots can be won in various slot machines. For example, take a look in Mega Moolah, this classic slot machine has 4 progressive jackpots, the largest of which is the Mega jackpot. This jackpot still fell in January 30, 2019, the player saw a staggering amount of more than 20 million euros appear on his bank account. Jon Heywood, an English soldier, also did well in the past: he collected 17.8 million euros, the highest jackpot ever won in an online casino! It has happened in the Netherlands, a lucky bird who is not known by name won a sum of more than half a million euros, € 543,794.57, to be precise.

You are probably wondering if it is possible to predict when the jackpot will fall. You will of course not be able to do that, the jackpot falls in random moments. There are two important starting points to increase your chances of winning. First, it is wise to start playing only when the jackpot has reached the height in which it falls on average. It is also wise to wait until the average time between two jackpots has passed. The chance of success of these techniques remains minimal, a randomly falling jackpot simply cannot be predicted.

The word jackpot is also sometimes used to indicate the highest prize. We then speak of a static jackpot, because the amount does not increase as more is played on the machine. A progressive or ascending jackpot is getting higher and higher, and therefore more interesting. When the jackpot falls, the jackpot counter starts again in a predetermined minimum amount.

Mobile gambling with your iPhone or Android phone

More and more gambling is done via a mobile phone or tablet. So it is not surprising that online casino game studios such as NetEnt anticipate this and have already optimized hundreds of games. You can still find the largest selection of games via your laptop or desktop computer, but nowadays you also have more than enough to choose from via your mobile. 90% of the games are available.

The majority of the games are aimed in iPhone, iPad, and Android users. But even if you have a Windows Phone or Blackberry, there is plenty to choose from, mobile gambling is accessible to almost everyone. A disadvantage: the battery of your smartphone is having a hard time with the games and soon runs out. Fortunately, this "problem" is easily solved with a power bank or plug the charger into the socket when you are not on the road.

10 easy to prevent errors

We conclude with 10 common mistakes that you must prevent. This way you not only increase your chances of winning, but also prevent a lot of annoyance! Preventing or remedying addiction is of course also wise.

Error 1: betting too high.
Do not bet too high. If you deposit € 50 and then start playing blackjack for € 10 per hand, chances are you will run out of money within 5 minutes. Spread your chances and start with a low bet of one or two euros. Are you doing well and have you already made some profit? If you like, play a game every now and then for a slightly higher bet, but control yourself and don't do crazy things.

Error 2: see logic that is not there.
Games have no memory. Some players think that if the roulette ball has fallen red for 10 times in a row, the chance of a black square is now a lot bigger: this is not true. The game history does not change the chance, the ball lands on the 11th time just as easily on red again! Do you find this interesting, or perhaps a little difficult to understand? This phenomenon is called "gamblers fallacy".

Error 3: shift off the debt.
There have been endless quarrels caused by people who blame others. If you lose in a casino, this is not the fault of the dealer or your company. It is difficult for you to take responsibility yourself and acknowledge your loss. Blaming someone else is an easy way to not have a bad feeling yourself. Are you losing in a casino? Then you are the only one to blame. After all, you have chosen to gamble. Even if you still play so systematically, you know in advance that you may have to go flat.

Error 4: being seduced by playing.
Have you won a nice amount? Stop playing, leave the casino! One of the most common mistakes is to be seduced by the game. The big win is often re-bet, in addition, the bet per game is sometimes even increased. That way you lose your profit quickly. It's a shame, you really won't be happier if you have gambled on your winnings, down to the last euro. Don't be tempted to continue playing. Grab your profit and stop it, in least for today.

Error 5: more bets on losses.
Bet two euros when you lose one euro, bet 20 euros when you lose 10 euros: the end is lost. Trying to make up for your loss is the quickest way to an empty wallet. If everything seems to be disappointing, you better decide to stop for today. If it's not your day, it's not going to be your day either. Never increase your bets if you keep losing.

Error 6: not keeping yourself under control.
People who don't gamble regularly see playing in the casino as a true experience. You take a few extra drinks and spend a little more money than usual. In short, you let yourself go, because it is a nice outing and you want to enjoy it. It often goes wrong here. Always try to keep yourself under control, no matter how cozy it is. Don't drink alcohol while gambling, it won't make your decisions any better!

Error 7: throwing digital money over the bar.
Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can go in any time. Where physical casinos pay close attention to you, you have to keep a close eye on yourself online, there is no one who will tap you when you keep betting but keep increasing. Depositing money via internet banking is simple, and losing this "digital money" hurts less than throwing physical money over the bar. You can easily gamble a lot of money online without really knowing how much you spend. Our tip: set a fixed (daily) budget for yourself when you decide to play online, and you run out of it, so don't continue to pay when you lose, then the end is lost.

Error 8: relying on strategies.
Gamblers love strategy. You must have searched the internet for good strategies for your favorite casino game. There is a lot of information about it. One of the most common mistakes is sticking to a game strategy that does not help you. Remember that there are no strategies that guarantee guaranteed returns, no matter how credible the strategies may sound. Unfortunately, casino games cannot be broken, that also applies to the slot machines and video slots. They work with a Random Number Generator (RNG), making everything really random (that is random).

Error 9: believe in guarantees.
We all know the statement: "Results achieved in the past offer no guarantee for the future." Yet many players seem to think that this is different in a casino. If someone has just made a big profit in the blackjack table, then we no longer play in that table. We think the profit will not come any more in the near future. We rely on false guarantees. It can happen that no prize falls endlessly. It can also be that two or three times in a row there is a big prize. Everything in the casino is random (including online), so do not believe in guarantees.

Error 10: abandoning knowledge.
Knowledge is power, even when you play in an online casino. Does knowledge offer a guarantee of profit? No, not that. It can, however, increase your chance of winning. One of the most common casino errors is hopping from one game to the other. This way you will not get to know any game. One of the casino games where you can add a lot of value with knowledge is blackjack.